Home again………

Well the excitement is over.  The trip to Brazil has happened and is now in the past.  The drawing kit so laboriously assembled was used only once!  However, in my defence, the time was so action packed that I rarely had time to sit down for any length of time to do any drawing.  My eyes were in constant action though, as was my camera, I filled my memory card (note to self: next time take two) and ran down the batteries twice.  What a magnificent country for plant lovers, and I only visited the states of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Parana & Rio Grande de Sul (please excuse spelling errors).

Highlights of the plants seen:

A Brazil Nut tree – the nuts grow on the trunk (I did not know that).

A Cashew Nut fruit – the nuts grow in the top of the fruit and the fruit smells exquisite and tastes rubbish.

Auricaria Angustifolia (Pinheiro Brasiileiro) – the trees reach the sky and look like lollipops.

Orchids – saw some in Rio Botanical Garden, they had sort of left me cold before, but there were some stonkers here.

A row of Imperial Palms (Roystonea oleracea) in the Botanical Gardens of Rio de Janeiro

Imperial or Royal Palms

Imperial or Royal Palms

I visited the botanical gardens of Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba and have made the resolution in all future travels to always track down and visit the local botanical garden.  In fact, my travels in future might be driven by the desire to visit the botanical garden.

Also visited the magical garden of Roberto Burle Marx wonderful garden and house full of beauty.

5 thoughts on “Home again………

  1. Christel Kiley

    Wonderful photos! The trip was worth just for seeing all this !! I am sure it will all stay in your memory, especially when you see the photos again! You were very fortunate to see all this beauty!

  2. Angie Sotiropoulos

    Brazil nut tree is soooo interesting! Didn’t know where the nut grows either. Same for the cashew. I love visiting botanical gardens when I travel also. It’s such a great place to view plant collections. I’m always restocked in the inspiration department when I go on trips.I think you might be too. 🙂 Looks like you had a lovely time.

    1. Draws Shoots and Leaves Post author

      Hi Angie, I had a really great time, the plants were amazing and I have just been sorting out my photos. I have to bring myself back to earth now, and remember that all plants are astonishing and to look again at the things that grow in my own garden.

  3. Lisa Linsdell

    David and I went to Morocco by train over half term. I took my paints and did nothing – as you say, too busy, rooms too dark and too cold for outside – like UK in temperature. But the intention was there. You’re the only person whose blogs I’ve ever followed and I really enjoy them. Lisa x

    1. Draws Shoots and Leaves Post author

      Hi Lisa
      Hope you had a good time even if you didn’t do anything. I feel quite proud of myself getting the pencils out once, that’s once more than I usually do! Glad you like the blog, just working on a new post. Sue x


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