Don’t rush the colour selection process

Well this blog is about learning and I am learning.  Every time I sit down and draw I learn something. Another note to self – always take a picture of the finished drawing before you put it away in the depths of your portfolio, this matters right now because I am going to talk about a picture and I don’t have a proper image to show the end result.  I need to get to grips with photography and I am not really motivated to do that.

The plant that I was drawing was an agave (I think) although someone called it an aloe so I’m not sure, it was a gift anyway, and is a houseplant in England as it is too cold to put outside.

Agave drawing

Agave drawing

I was interested in the folding shapes of the leaves and the serrated edges and of course, the colour.

Agave drawings

Agave drawings

The colour of the plant was a really important quality of the plant, it had a very blueish tinge and a sort of dusty look.  It’s so important to choose the colours correctly otherwise there is no chance of making the image match your observations, and dear reader, I begrudged the time to do this.  I wanted to get on with things and rushed this process, and consequently paid the price – the drawing was the wrong colours.

Agave plant set up

Agave plant set up

Even as I was doing it I knew that it was wrong………….. but too late to go back, I was already committed so I went on.

Agave plant ready to draw

Colouring in in progress

What happens if you continue despite the odds?  Well you get a sense of achievement at finishing something, but you end up disappointed because you know it could have been better, with a little more effort and just a little more planning at the very beginning.  It’s trite but it’s true ‘if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail’. Nuff said, lesson learned.

4 thoughts on “Don’t rush the colour selection process

  1. occasionalartist

    Hi Sue, I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your blog. I have been remiss in making comments, but going back through your posts you made me laugh and say me too. I will also shuffle and arrange my art materials rather than get going, but like you, I have many pages of colour swatches that are invaluable tools and make them for each new set of colours I buy. I have enjoyed your writing style and the pictures of your work in progress. Keep up the lovely drawings and the entertaining blog. Karen

  2. Lisa Linsdell

    I planned to paint a birthday card for my mum of iris foetidissima yesterday and rushed through two pictures, which both looked awful, so I bought a card from Helen Brown at the pottery instead. Your comments on continuing regardless of it not working, really resonated with me. I thought of your suggestion to do some copying, so I’m going to follow that up to get me back on track. Lisa


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