Procrastination and the art of hiding it behind activity

I have not picked up a pencil to do a drawing for at least a week but I have been really busy, and now I am sitting down in front of the computer procrastinating again.

I decided my problem was that I did not have the proper working space in my room; this is true because I have to clear all one activity away before starting on another.  I like to draw and I like to sew, but I also like to leave things out and not tidy them away immediately.

So I needed to remove the double bed from the middle of the room to create space for another table and I found the exact bed I needed in a charity shop in Felixstowe.  A single bed with an under bed for the second mattress – perfect.  The bed was bought and brought home and then the house disintegrated into chaos…………  Well I won’t go into the gory details but by the end of the afternoon, almost every room in the house had been affected what with clearing out underneath the bed, finding new bedding, rearranging furniture and generally having a good spring clean.

I had to do some hard thinking about some of the stuff I found and I found myself side tracked several times especially when I found some photos and slides.  It is hard to put things to one side and to decide to let them go, I find myself clinging – clinging to old balls of wool and the person I once was.


  • I am giving away all (and I mean all) the yarn that I have decided I will never knit – Swish your Stash coming up on Sunday and I AM GOING.  I am keeping sock yarn and hat yarn.
  • All the yarn that will never be knitted by me.  Good bye yarn, have a happy life.

    All the yarn that will never be knitted by me. Good bye yarn, have a happy life.

  • I have found all the photos of the quilts I have made and I am going to scan them and make a book for myself of the time in my life when I made quilts.
  • I have a lovely open space in the middle of my room.
  • The wide open space - shame about the shabby carpet.

    The wide open space – shame about the shabby carpet.

  • I have a table for sewing and writing and a table for art.
  • Yay!!! Two tables, what luxury, no excuses now........

    Yay!!! Two tables, what luxury, no excuses now……..

  • I still have a huge mess to clear up on the landing and in other parts of the house but I will do that later (uh oh! procrastinating again)
  • I feel better.

Anyone else been procrastinating? Springcleaning (arghhhh)? Letting things go?

10 thoughts on “Procrastination and the art of hiding it behind activity

  1. sagsouth

    ……………………………….”Anyone else been procrastinating?”
    But of course !! I do it all the time .. I even have one single bed under another !! But no one visits!! 🙂

    I had no idea that “Drawing” had so many ramifications 😉


  2. Paula Kuitenbrouwer

    Nothing as refreshing to spring clean and to de-clutter your workplace. Congrats.
    Now fresh new creative energy will emerge and you will catch up in record time.
    This isn’t about procrastination; this is about creating a good working place.
    Here’s to a good girl 🙂

    1. Draws Shoots and Leaves Post author

      Well thank you! For a positive comment and making me smile. That’s the skilful way at looking at my activities, and it will be a good working space I love the space and now I have cleared out some stuff I actually know what is in there.

  3. occasionalartist

    Procrastination, is not all bad. There is preparing to do and there is doing, people think that all our worthwhile time is in the doing, but important time is spent in the preparing. We can jump straight into an art work without any thought and we might make something reasonable, but how much better does it work out when we spend time planning it out and preparing what we need first. Think of it as preparing your space and life to start on this new adventure. Clearing out the old and preparing for the new. Love your space and can’t wait to see the results. Karen

    1. Draws Shoots and Leaves Post author

      Thank you for your comments, I have already found my new space inspiring, I go into my room and look around and feel happy. I now also have had extra lights installed so it is much, much brighter and I can use all parts of the room. Sue


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