Draws Shoots and Leaves but how to decide which Shoots and Leaves to Draw

Euphorbia Lathyris

Euphorbia Lathyris

My most recent drawing (Euphorbia Lathyris), a plant picked from my own garden; a plant not planted, a volunteer plant of a type that pops up on and off in the garden.  A plant usually called a weed and ruthlessly pulled up.   But I am looking at plants differently now, with new eyes, not seeing weeds or choice specimens but seeing and noticing shape and colour and if it is not too strange a ‘personality’.

I have been thinking about ‘style’ and looking at my work.  I know that a ‘style’ develops and grows and it will appear (hopefully) of it’s own free will but I can’t help thinking about what will be the best way to nurture and encourage it.  From my previous life as an artist in other fields I know that following my own interests and concerns brought me most satisfaction and ultimately led to a fruitful way of working. So I suppose this is how I will develop my botanical ‘style’; it will come out in the sort of plants that attract my interest, the sort of plants that make me want to engage with them the sort of plants that I choose to draw.

I am already feeling my way towards this, as I am attracted by the slightly strange, the little bit ugly and the oddly shaped, and I suspect the easy to draw……..





6 thoughts on “Draws Shoots and Leaves but how to decide which Shoots and Leaves to Draw

  1. chrishaywood31

    I love the angle you have chosen to draw the euphorbia at. It really shows off the intricacies of the leaf placement which is so attractive in them. I too normally weed them out, but they are said to be a good mole deterrent!

    1. Draws Shoots and Leaves Post author

      Ha! that’s a joke, we often have moles all over our garden! And yes, it is also called Mole Spurge & also Caper Spurge. Yes, the angles of the leaves going around the stem was what attracted me to the plant (as well as the lovely bluish lilac colour) in the first place.

    1. Draws Shoots and Leaves Post author

      Hopefully that is true! And hopefully my character is worth showing! Went to the RHS Botanical Art exhibition yesterday and it was interesting to see the work, to talk to the artists and reflect on their style of work and the way they were. Some fantastic work on show and some interesting people. Great day out.

  2. occasionalartist

    Style is always an interesting one, I used to agonise over it at art school, but I did a class with Jane Davenport (an Aussie multimedia artist) and she summed it up so well. She said don’t worry about it, you can’t but help having your own style, every mark you make is your own and your style will come out with practice and the last person to know it will be you. Karen

    1. Draws Shoots and Leaves Post author

      Jane is right I think, I have not done enough yet to find out the bits that really interest me, I think once I have a focus and an interest then (hopefully) a way of working will come and with that a ‘style’.


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