Daily Archives: June 1, 2014

Feeling better

I hit a low spot last week; took on too much so I felt overburdened and put upon.  But action has been taken – I have dropped one commitment and reviewed my attitude to my own efforts (I would hate to work for me, I am a hard taskmaster indeed).  But enough of this already and onto what has made it onto paper this week.

In the hope that eventually I would draw something that I would like to own as mine own, I fiddled around with my signature.  My initials are S & H which together can look like a dollar sign ($). Here are my efforts, I wanted to include the date in some way but decided that month and year were enough:



The one I think I will go with is below, but looking at it again I might change my mind (any comments or suggestions would be appreciated).


Plant of the week was the wonderful Foxglove; they spread themselves elegantly about the garden in shades of cream, white and maroon, with beautiful markings; just beautiful and enticing to draw.  Despite the lush colour I stayed with pencil.

Foxglove by Sue Hagley

Foxglove by Sue HagleySuch fun to draw……