Still here!

It’s not that I have not been drawing but I have not been drawing very much, my intentions of drawing every day just flew out the window.  The only artistic tool I have had in my hand for the last month has been a paintbrush – a house painting brush.

So, what have I done?  Well on two occasions I was overambitious and started drawings of large specimens which I was unable to continue with or to finish.  I did not think forward about how my days were going to pan out and then when I got back to the drawing the specimen had shrivelled, withered and I did not have back up photographs.  Another good lesson to learn; think hard before starting something ambitious.  Pictures attached are very poor as the graphite is too faint for my photography skills and I have over adjusted the contrast.  I have just put them in for the record.



Drawing of Teasel

I also had a go at drawing outside again, sitting in the sunshine with the breeze waving the plants around.  Good practice at looking and remembering and not being too precious.  I love poppy seed heads, they are so much fun to draw, seem like little crowds of people.

Drawing of Poppies


I also had a go at Crocosmia, which actually flowered in the garden this year, it seems to have been a good growing year for many things.   This also was a venturing into colour for the first time for a long time – and it was orange again – I have a weird attraction to orange I realise that now…….  Again I was disheartened by my efforts, my petals end up heavy and lumpy.

Drawing of Crocosmia

Drawing of Crocosmia

Drawing of CrocosmiaThe final drawings I have managed are of a fantastic Dahlia flower that is so luscious in colour changing from apricot (orange!!), peach (pale orange!!) to yellow with lots of yummy shades in-between.  A massive challenge to draw with so many petals twisting and turning this way and that, but that bit went quite well. I then traced off my drawing to give me the base for a colour drawing.  Taking advice from others that have been kind enough to support me I used an underpainting of yellow watercolour to cover the paper before starting with the coloured pencils.

Drawing of Dahlia

Pencil drawing

Working drawing

Working drawing

Coloured pencil drawing of Dahlia

The colours are not quite right in the photo so this detail shows them better.

Detail of Dahlia drawing

Detail of Dahlia drawing

But my petals are still lumpy and thick.  However, excitingly, I am starting a coloured drawing course later this afternoon with Ann Swan who is a brilliant coloured pencil botanical artist and I am hoping to learn loads; whole week of drawing and learning, how lucky am I!

15 thoughts on “Still here!

  1. occasionalartist

    What fun a drawing class! The only problem with your drawings is your criticism of them. These are lovely drawings and you have done heaps. I want to challenge you to post with being critical once and say what you like about each drawing, because these are really good. I love orange so I will never see enough of it. Have fun in your class and post again soon. Karen

      1. occasionalartist

        Sorry if it was harsh, but your drawings were so lovely and you were so critical. It is the hardest thing about being an artist is to not be overly critical of the work and stop or stiffle yourself with it. You do such great drawings and I can see your improvement every time you post. Please the only way to stop the self critism is to make sure that you say something positive about every drawing that you do, That is what I do to make sure that I remain positive about my work and remind myself why I love to draw.

      2. Draws Shoots and Leaves Post author

        Karen, you were not harsh, you were expressing an opinion, and I am glad you are interested enough to take the time to comment on my work and I thank you. I will bear your words in mind and be more positive about my drawings. Sue

    1. Draws Shoots and Leaves Post author

      I am two days in to the six day course and I am learning loads. She is an inspirational teacher and a brilliant artist. I am so lucky that this course is so near to where I live. I have done one leaf (back and front) and prepared a drawing of tomatoes that I will start tomorrow, I am really enjoying it.

  2. JJ ColourArt

    Well, I’ll chip in and say that I LOVE everything you do, even if it doesn’t measure up in your own eyes. I critique myself too and it does stifle the impetus to draw as Karen says, it really stops the flow for me.

    I wondered where you were but hopefully you will get going again and certainly Ann Swan will get you going. Lucky you, hope you enjoy the course. You are a good artist and you deserve a good course to buck you up.


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