Back to real life and drawing when I can fit it in…….

A few days away in Liverpool (wonderfully interesting city by the way) meant that I have not had much chance to do anything. So a very short post this week.

My eyes were attracted to the rose hips yesterday, and now I realise that they are very similar to the tomatoes I have just finished – not necessarily a bad thing as I can have another go at working with red and shiny.

Test page for colour

Test page for colour

This is as far as I have got with the drawing, I have laid down some ground colours and am now starting to build on that.

Rose hips in progress

9 thoughts on “Back to real life and drawing when I can fit it in…….

  1. occasionalartist

    I find rose hips fascinating, the lovely glossy bulb and the weird antler tops. Your composition is great and they already look glossy, looking forward to the completed drawing. They also make the best jam!

  2. Christel Kiley

    Really lovely, especially the green leaf with the hole in it. So real! No need to do anything on that darwing, it is perfect!

  3. JJ ColourArt

    I have had two Labrador retrievers that loved to eat rose hips. Some how they didn’t mind sticking their heads in the thorns and biting off the rose hips. Every time I see them it reminds me of those dogs.


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