Using colour

Still working with Wendy Hollender’s book ‘Botanical Drawing in Color’ I copied two of her drawings to try out her limited colours.  I tried a tulip, which I just drew out really quickly with graphite pencil and then coloured in following her step by step instructions.

Copy of Wendy Hollender tulip drawing

Then I followed the instructions for a bunch of crabapples.

Copy of bunch of crabapples by Wendy Hollender


What I really noticed, was that she uses a much freer and more ‘sketchy’ way of applying the pencil to the paper, and looking closely at her images I can see individual pencil lines.  This method is much quicker than trying to eliminate all traces of the makers mark which is how I have been doing things previously.

I then went on to experiment with an original drawing of my own of a Pomegranate.

Coloured pencil drawing of a pomegranate by Sue Hagley

Now this was really fun to do, I loved building up the layers of colour, I loved the ‘scribbly’ speed of working and the texture left behind by working quickly and more intuitively.  I also like the depth and variety of colour.

So now, how to progress?  Hmmmmm………I guess it will resolve itself as I start into the second year of my blog and my more focussed attention on drawing.  I have more or less decided that I will commit myself to doing a drawing a day for 2015….and have reviewed Frederick Franck’s guidelines ‘The Awakened Eye’ from my post way back in June.


3 thoughts on “Using colour

  1. occasionalartist

    The pomegranite turned out really well, the slightly looser style is great. I have enjoyed your blog so much this year looking forward to seeing hiw you continue to develop in the coming year. Karen

    1. Draws Shoots and Leaves Post author

      Hi Karen, thanks for your feedback and your comments about my blog. The feeling is mutual as I have really enjoyed following yours (but it’s been quiet lately – hope things ok with you). Seasons Greetings & a Happy New Year.

  2. pelchaktsel

    Lovely pomegranate, Sue! The light on the skin is particularly striking. Have you seen the front cover of the Christmas edition of the Radio Times? It’s an illustration made using coloured pencils by a woman called Judith Kerr and it has that sketchy quality you are writing about. It’s a very effective picture.
    I’m looking forward to next years developments in your work!


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