The run up to my New Year’s Resolution – A Drawing A Day for 2015

The last post of 2014 and Draws Shoots and Leaves has been up and running (with two biggish breaks) for a year.

I have been trying to establish a daily drawing practice for a couple of weeks now in the run up to the New Year.  My thinking being, that if I can do a drawing a day while being away and during the Christmas period, I should be able to carry it on EVERY day – well ha! ha! and good luck with that – I tell myself.

Below are the drawings from my very first week and what I have discovered:
1) it is sooooooo hard to find the time to get started
2) once I get started it is sooooooo hard to stop

As this blog enters its second year I am dropping the Wednesday Word (of a Botanical Nature) and replacing it with a slide show of my daily drawings of the previous week in the sincere hope that there will be the full seven every week!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

7 thoughts on “The run up to my New Year’s Resolution – A Drawing A Day for 2015

  1. occasionalartist

    Congratulations on your first year, and i look forward to your daily drawings, something i have not been brave enough to do, though i have contemplated weekly drawings. You will find a great improvement with your work when you do sketch regularly and not worry too much about it being perfect. I have been sketching much more this year and have really enjoyed it and noticed an improvement. Karen. Ps slide shows are lovely but i cant watch them on my ipad, so i may miss some.

    1. Draws Shoots and Leaves Post author

      Hi Karen, I have had another report of the images not displaying properly so I will try and find a way to get around this. I am confident that my skills will improve and doing it with a friend has already paid off, as I find that I’m feeling I might disappoint her if I don’t post a picture on a daily basis. Happy New Sketching Year! Sue

  2. JJ ColourArt

    Oh yeah, that’s brave. I can’t sustain daily drawing emotionally, but also physically my tendinitis can’t either, so I am keen to see you do this. I’m doing a weekly, I figured it was some way toward discipline, practice, and improvement. As Karen mentions, this sort of practice gives you a way to look back and note drastic improvements. That I’m definitely looking forward to.

    Are you doing this in a specific sketchbook Sue or are you going to catch-as-catch-can with several sketchbooks and loose paper?

    1. Draws Shoots and Leaves Post author

      Yes, I am using this project to use up all the ends of sketchbooks I have, all the bits and pieces of paper I have and treating it as an exercise to use stuff up and clear the decks. I would like to start and maintain a ‘proper’ sketchbook but maybe that will be a project to start later in the year. Happy New Year.

      1. JJ ColourArt

        I’ve got one proper sketchbook that I’m saving. I too wanted to use up some old things. Yes, I like this idea of yours of clearing the decks.

        Oh, you can make your own photo corners to put loose paper into a sketchbook–I do that quite often using scraps of paper. Tiny bits of leftover Canson Mi-Teintes are good for this.

        The sketchbook I’m using is a resurrected one 110 lb white paper–still has plenty of paper for this year.

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