Draws Shoots and Leaves – 2015

I spent an hour going through my posts from the last year, reading about my activities and thought – how soon we forget!

The new year has dawned and our new project is underway, but as I write this (01/01/2015) I am the sole person who has posted a drawn image on our 365 Drawings for 2015 group site.  As I talked to friends, several people expressed an interest in joining in, so it is not just me!  During the run up to the challenge I have managed to draw every day and it has been really helpful knowing that if I did not post an image, then I might disappoint Maggie who was also doing a practice run up.

I was given a Bromeliad for my birthday and this was the subject of several of my drawings and the colours and shapes are so dramatic I thought it would make a good winter subject – the reds and greens will cheer me up.



I found it difficult to draw and with the stem running through the centre difficult to see.

Bromeliad 2

Bromeliad 2

However the complicated shape made it fun and interesting.  With the final drawing, I thought, just go for it, so I just started on good paper directly with coloured pencil (usually I do a careful drawing then trace and transfer to good paper).  Using Wendy Hollender’s limited palette of 20 pencils and her direct way of image making I have launched myself into a drawing – and ran out of paper; my drawing is just a gnat’s bollock (s’cuse my French) from the top of the sheet – doh! Still, the drafting is OK so I’m ignoring that and finishing the piece.

Bromeliad in colour

Bromeliad in colour

These images show the start of the drawing and I have only lightly blocked in the colours and shadows.  Looking at the image now though, I can see all the drafting mistakes, I read somewhere that this was a good way of spotting errors, shame I have already done so much as I can see something I would really like to fix (and I think I know how to fix it).

Bromeliad in colour

Bromeliad in colour

At Christmas my sons told me that they read my blog, that they liked it and that they had shown it to their friends, I was surprised as in some weird way I thought this blog was just me musing away to a few (distant) folks. They have never posted a comment………..so this is a request to any of you out there that read this, drop me a note once in a while to let me know that you are there………….Happy New Year.

11 thoughts on “Draws Shoots and Leaves – 2015

  1. Eileen Thomas

    I know the feeling of running out of paper, even when I plan and carefully trace I somehow get it wrong! Find your blog interesting and a bit of a giggle at your fluency in French!

  2. Lin

    Happy drawing in 2015, Sue. i, like your sons, have enjoyed your blog over the past year but never commented. Now that it has dawned on me how encouraging it is for you to receive replies, i am going to write comments on the other blogs i follow as well!!

  3. occasionalartist

    Really nice work, it has a freshness to it that you get when it is drawn directly onto the paper. Good on you for being so brave! It doesn’t look cut off to me at all, i like drawings that are only part of the plant, it gives it greater interest. Good luck with the drawing challeng, looking forward to seeing your drawings. Karen

    1. Draws Shoots and Leaves Post author

      Thanks Karen, I started a class yesterday (a very beginner coloured pencil) and the teacher commented that she was not keen on ‘scribbly’ drawing, so I felt a little crushed. But it is, of course, a matter of personal opinion and I am experimenting with different methods to find out what works for me. Daily drawing really is a challenge. S

      1. occasionalartist

        It is a matter of taste! and the coloured pencil world is dominated by hyper realist artists who go for perfection. While this is fine and shows a remarkable level of skill, I personally like to see a lot more of the artist style and interpretation in the work. Also to get a scribbly drawing to work is really hard. I would dearly like to see coloured pencils being used by a wider variety of styles. Also there is a big difference between a sketch and a finished work. You need to be doing both. One to be loose, quick and to try things out without it mattering what happens and the other to refine your skills in your medium, composition and subject choice. Sorry for the rant, but your teacher’s comment hit a tender point for me too. Karen

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