Daily Archives: January 11, 2015

Bromeliad almost finished and classes started

This week has felt really busy but I can’t really define anything particular that I have done, just the same old, same old.  On the botanical art front I have almost finished the Bromeliad drawing, I just need to tidy up the raggedy edges and clean up the smudges on the paper.  I am pleased with the way it turned out, given that it was a different way of working for me, I worked directly from the plant onto ‘good’ paper and then coloured without paying much attention to finish and used the limited colour palette of twenty pencils that I have written about before.

Detail of Bromeliad

Detail of Bromeliad

This image clearly shows that you can see the individual pencil marks, which for this type of stringy leafy plant are quite suitable.

Finished Bromeliad


The finished drawing…………onto the next one.  Looking around the garden, my eye has been caught by the Bergenias that are looking really lush and glossy at the bottom of the garden.  They have big dark fleshy leaves and bright pink flowers (not in evidence yet), so I think they will be my next project.

The drawing a day project with six other women has taken off, and now our page is proliferating with images and everyone is very enthusiastic, it makes such a difference to ‘all be in it together’, supporting and encouraging each other.

I started a life drawing class this week, heavens above, life drawing is hard!  I sat and produced the most utterly embarrassing rubbish sketches of my life.  The only consolation is that I can only get better.