A Drawing A Day – Week 14

The weeks are clicking by quickly, when I started I drew up a spreadsheet with all the dates and days numbered so that I know where I am.  I have a problem with dates and times and have in the past turned up for things days or weeks early!  So it is a real discipline to keep track of the days so closely.  I marked momentous days on my chart and there is a big one coming on Friday – it will be 100 drawings!  Astonishing!  I have focused more attention on colour this week, having decided to use coloured pencil as my medium for botanical art (I will get back to it one day) I realised that I need to practise more with them.

91 Hyacinth

91 Hyacinth

92 Cloth

92 Cloth

93 Green Glaze Dish

93 Green Glaze Dish

94 It's meant to be a baby

94 It’s meant to be a baby

96 Jack's Sofa

95 Jack’s Sofa

95 Corner of the room

96 Corner of the room

97 Corner of the garden

97 Corner of the garden

8 thoughts on “A Drawing A Day – Week 14

  1. Draws Shoots and Leaves Post author

    Thanks Clare, tomorrow is going to be busy so not sure what I will do, but it should be something special (but I don’t think it will be I will probably just dash something off last minute).

  2. pelchaktsel

    Well done Sue for reaching 100 drawings! It is really good to be able to monitor your progress as the days and weeks have gone by. I much appreciate your having shared your drawings. See you tomorrow for perhaps a lot of drawing of cloth!


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