A Drawing A Day – Week 31

Just as many previous weeks have involved packing up possessions now I am involved with unpacking them…..  My workroom has become the dumping ground for everything that does not yet have a place in our new home so I can barely move in the space, but on the positive side the rest of the house is taking shape.  I have kept up the drawing but they are mostly late night drawings as I keep getting sidetracked during the day.

210 Eric Reading

This is a good likeness of my son and I am pleased with this drawing

211 Late night drawing

211 Late, late night drawing

212 Dresser

212 Dresser (top only as I ran out of energy and paper)

213 Just resting my eyes

213 Just resting my eyes

214 Legs

214 Just resting my legs

215 Not Packing but Unpacking

215 Not Packing but Unpacking

216 Aloe Vera

216 Aloe Vera

4 thoughts on “A Drawing A Day – Week 31

  1. clarepooley33

    Well done for keeping the drawing-a-day going! The sketch of your son is good – gorgeous moustache! Lovely drawing of your dresser. My father used to make dressers like that.

      1. clarepooley33

        Yes he was a cabinet maker and joiner but also did restoration work in churches and old houses. It is always so comforting to find a special piece of furniture fits into new houses.

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