A Drawing A Day – Week 32

This has been the hardest week of the year so far to keep the project going.  I thought it was hard enough before the move when I was packing everything away – well little did I know that that was the easy bit.  Unpacking is far, far harder – who knew!  This is because as each item is unpacked it has to be put away or placed somewhere and in a new house these places have not evolved yet, so each item has to be thought about and that takes time.  Most of my drawings this week have been late night or when I am out and about and a shocking bunch they are this time.

217 Isabel

217 Isabel

218 Actinidia

218 Actinidia

219 Woman Knitting

219 Woman Knitting

220 Steve's leaving do

220 Steve’s leaving do

221 Washing Line

221 Washing Line

222 Bar Stools

222 Bar Stools (despite appearances I was not drunk)

223 John

223 John (he has more beard than this but he moved so only has a moustache)

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