A Drawing A Day – Week 41

A full on family week has not left much time or energy for drawing or writing.

280 Sweet Chestnut

280 Sweet Chestnut

281 Coffee Table

281 Coffee Table (late night because I forgot!)

282 Cauliflower

282 Cauliflower (we ate the cauliflower and this is what was heading to the compost)

283 Skimmia

283 Skimmia

284 Baby

284 Baby

285 Life Drawing

285 Life Drawing

286 Active Cat

286 Active cat who would not sit still for even 10 seconds.

6 thoughts on “A Drawing A Day – Week 41

  1. Rosemary

    Keeping up with your drawing ! See you still have Blue on Mondays ! Miss our chats but Friday afternoons easier, and different again, sometimes using brown paper and different techniques, so enjoyable too.. Hope to catch up before too long. ..

  2. pelchaktsel

    Yes, the cauliflower stalk/leaf is great, Sue, there is something about ‘fragments’ that I find endlessly appealing. And the figure drawing – good stuff! And not forgetting the cat sketches which convey the ‘cat-ness’ so clearly. XX


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