This year’s project

Well we had our get together at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and Maggie and Alison met each other for the first time which was great, I felt that they already knew a bit about each other because of the drawings they had shared over the year.  The exhibition was heaving with people which spoiled the enjoyment a little, but that seems to be the problem with these ‘special’ exhibitions with allotted time slots, we bypassed the first two rooms and skipped ahead where the space was emptier.  Then backtracked later to see the beginning.  Here we are! Sue, Maggie and Alison, over lunch we talked about continuing to share what we were working on and we decided on a name for our new blog – Drawn Together.


We will post what we are working on and we will try and share once a week.

On a personal level I have been pondering on what I want to do artistically this year, as I have found the commitment to practice regularly so useful last year.  Finally, this morning, I had an idea………. My friend Brian sent me a book last year called ‘642 Tiny Things to Draw’ as a joke (I think) but this little book has been challenging me ever since.

The areas that I want to work on are 1) imagination & 2) composition, so I am going to take the drawing suggestions from the book in order and three at a time and try and make a picture (but I reserve the right to skip the odd suggestion).  So my first picture will contain cupcake sprinkles, a button on a TV remote and an eraser! Good luck with that I hear you say, as well you might.  Even as I wrote down those first three items my heart sank, but nothing ventured nothing gained.

10 thoughts on “This year’s project

  1. sagsouth

    Is it me ? OR.. is there a surfeit of Purple in this photo’ ?

    Further to this .. I sure anyone named Brian is not playing jokes 😉
    I’m sure he will be pleased that the Little Book has come in handy.

    All the best to you and yours in this New Year of 2016 :):):)

  2. mannerandmaterial

    Good luck with it Sue–think of the momentum you’ve created last year, such tenacity you have shown. Don’t forget to work those purple boots in somewhere this year. Maybe they could go rampant and eat at a salad bar?

  3. artwisestella

    Hmmm I seem to be 13 days late starting, but this really is inspiring . I am so pleased that you made it successfully through 2015 target – that’s a great achievement – well done all. What you said about the way your drawing skills develop is quite right.


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