Daily Archives: February 2, 2016

Coloured Pencil class

I have signed up again with Janie Pirie for a coloured pencil class and we are now several weeks in.  She provided some coloured plates from the 1950s / 1960s and we were to select some flower heads from these plates, to make a composition.  This is not how I usually work but I am interested in learning from Janie.  I chose these three plates for my flower heads mainly because I wanted some unity in colour as the three flower heads are very different structures.P1030514

Left to right, I am using the red/yellow chrysanthemum, the centre salpiglossis, and the bottom open tulip.  Strange to use already drawn images as source material.  Here is the beginning of the open tulip, I have arranged the flower heads with this one at the bottom the chrysanthemum in the middle and the salpiglossis at the apex, and hopefully the similarity of the colours will give some sense of cohesion to the very simple composition.