Daily Archives: February 25, 2016


Last week I treated myself to a bunch of tulips from the market, pondering for a long time on what colour to choose.

Nearly finished tulips

Nearly finished tulips

They have been really fun to draw and I downloaded an audiobook from the library to keep me company Tin Can Tree by Anne Tyler.  I use my iPad to record the flowers before I start drawing because flowers move! shock horror…….and they even die.

Finished tulips

Finished tulips

But, but, but……….this bunch is just as beautiful and I am very tempted to have a go at drawing of these just as they are right now.

I have been considering how to progress my skills and continue with a regular practice and I think I have found a way.  I am focussing my attention close to home……my own garden in fact.  I have been bemoaning the fact that there are not many plants and they are not very exotic and blah blah blah but in fact they are the plants I have, they are the plants on my doorstep so to speak and the are available all year round – what more do I want?!

I am starting a sketchbook and I am going to catalogue and draw each plant that grows in my garden (as I look around I can see at least thirty different species) which should keep me busy for a while.  Each plant will be drawn as it changes through the seasons.  I suspect it will be a never ending project as I am already buying new plants and then there will be the vegetables we grow, the bulbs we hope to plant, the herbs, the houseplants, and the bouquets (feel free to send them whenever you like). I might even try some calligraphy so that the notes will also look decorative.

I have found a brilliant web site for cataloguing plants (Plantsmap.com) which appeals to nerdy me – it is FaceBook for plants and I have started adding my plants and collections to help keep track.

Full moon at night and a sunny morning what could be nicer?