A portrait of Sue Hagley

Sue Hagley – Artist and Maker

Follow me as I learn the art of Botanical Illustration – that is my intention but I suspect it may not work out as I expect.  This is a new venture for me as I have been a maker of things rather than a maker of images.  My earliest and fondest memories are of making things with my Omi and my mother, I learned to knit, crochet, embroider and make clothes from these skilled needlewomen.  I drew as a child and later went to art college where I studied Fine Art Ceramics.  Life took over after college and children, houses and gardens took over for many years but during that time the stitching continued and I became a quilt maker (I will write about my quilts and post some pictures in the future).  Later, I gave up making quilts (I might write about that decision one day too) and a became a craftswoman without a craft, I was lost and searching……….I tried knitting, spinning, dyeing, beadwork, felting but nothing, just nothing came close to the joy I had from making quilts.  Then it came into my mind that I should pick up the drawing activity more seriously again and decided that plants should be my subject.  I started drawing but soon realised that there was a problem – I could not see well enough to record the plants in the way I wanted, so I stopped and was back at square one.  Cataracts were the problem and in 2012 I had surgery on the cataracts and had my eyesight returned to me, better than it had ever been before for which I am really grateful.  Now I had no excuse, and early in 2013 I picked a snowdrop and picked up my pencil…………………….

This blog will cover my early efforts and log my progress as I (hopefully) improve.  It won’t just be drawing as I am continuing to learn felt making and I am using my drawings as reference for my felt pieces.  It will probably cover things happening in the garden and in the countryside around.  I suspect it might even cover some cooking and cycling – my other two obsessions…….

There’s a thread you follow.  It goes among
things that change.  But it doesn’t change.
People wonder about what you are pursuing.
You have to explain about the thread.
But it is hard for others to see.
When you hold it you can’t get lost.
Tragedies happen; people get hurt
or die; and you suffer and get old.
Nothing you can do can stop time’s unfolding.
You don’t ever let go of the thread.

By William Stafford, from The Way It Is

20 thoughts on “About

  1. Christel Kiley

    Wonderful blog! I am so proud of my little girl! Keep it going, I will follow your progress closely. All my Love – Mum x

  2. blandine anderson

    a wonderful subject – good luck in this new phase of your creativity – I hope it will be challenging and fulfilling – but also bring tranquillity (…..if such needed !?)
    Blod x

  3. Pat Cegan

    ah, the joy of botanical drawing…it really opens your eyes to the details and wonders of nature, sacred geometry, Fibonacci designs in nature, and endless other things. I explore other avenues of creativity but always come back to botanical drawing. I live within the floresta so now how endless subjects to draw. Thanks for reminding me how much I have enjoyed it in the past. hugs, pat

  4. Margie

    I love the name of your blog. It reminds me of Lynn Truss’s punctuation book ‘Eats, Shoots & Leaves’!
    I’m impressed with your drawings. I’ve always thought I would like to be able to draw, but so far my efforts haven’t got me past my beloved stickmen. I have tried Zentangle, though, and it is within my capabilities.

    1. Draws Shoots and Leaves Post author

      Hi Margie, well spotted the name was based on the book ‘Eats, Shoots & Leaves’ but with the minor adjustment was perfect for a blog about drawing plants. We laughed a lot when we dreamed it up. Thanks for the compliment about my drawing, I am very new to this and am working hard to improve. Sue

  5. Sanu

    You got great talents. I wish I can draw like you. I had to draw rocks and minerals for my Geo degree and they were so bad. 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work!

  6. clarepooley33

    You have a wonderful blog. I am daunted by your present project of a drawing a day. I wanted to do a post a day when I started my blog at the beginning of 2014 but that soon fell by the wayside. Since my daughter started at City College Norwich I have found it even more difficult to post regularly because of the driving I have to do. My blog has renewed my enthusiasm for the world about me and has encouraged me to look and see. I can see from my trawl through your posts that blogging has been good for you too. I will be back for more!

    1. Draws Shoots and Leaves Post author

      Hello Clare, thank you for your kind comments- it is early days for the drawing project only day 37 today, but I do a life drawing class on Friday so it was easy to do today. I have really enjoyed doing my blog although there were a couple of long gaps (when I was working and when I was visiting my father every week during his last illness), but I did find it sort of held me on track and I have found that I have made ‘friends’ with people far away and just up the road! Best wishes Sue

  7. Maria F.

    Have a good time in your journey! I used to draw when really young. Afterwards I took up photography, but drawing has been the foundation for understanding structure, forms, and details. There’s also that therapeutical involvement with the hands.

  8. Bharti Athray

    Hi, Sue, your drawings are lovely and so are your accompanying posts. I loved reading the excerpt from a poem on this page. I can connect to it so completely. Often, life gets the better of me, and I just cant seem to find time to sketch, write, create. And it disorients me. Finding your blog, reading your posts make me feel like I have found inspiration. Will keep coming back for more. Cheers.

  9. jendavismiller

    Hi Sue, I just found your blog…and it is so lovely. I applaud your return to the arts, very nice drawings. My favorite? The polka dot teacups. So much fun! Good luck in your adventure.

  10. Amanda J.L.

    I chose to make an Art homework analysis about you and I had to make some sketches based on you work too.You are an incredible artist!!!


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