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Wednesday Word (of a botanical nature)

Anemochore – A plant whose seeds or fruits are dispersed by the wind.

Draws Shoots and Leaves finds out the meaning of the word ‘Cauliflory’

Who knew there even was a word called ‘cauliflory’ – ah ha! something to do with cauliflowers I guessed.  Wrong………my new book defines it as “The production of flowers on the trunk and branches of trees rather than at the ends of twigs” so now you know.  I wonder if the Brazil Nut tree is cauliflorus?

Brazil Nuts growing on trunk

Brazil Nuts growing on trunk

The book is called ‘The Cambridge Illustrated Glossary of Botanical Terms’  by Michael Hickey and Clive King.  What a brilliant book and some amazing words. I wonder what the word really is to describe a cauliflower…………………..