Draws Shoots and Leaves Plant Information

Eranthis Hyemalis – from the Greek and means spring flower pertaining to winter.  Here in Suffolk it has been called ‘choirboys’ because of the ruff around the neck of the flower.  A wonderful early flower bringing sunshine into the garden in January.

Helleborus – often going by the name Lenten Rose, Christmas Rose, Bear’s Foot.  I have various hybrids in the garden as well as the Stinking Hellebore (Helleborus Foetidus), ugly name for an attractive plant.  It was believed to be a cure for insanity.

Galanthus Nivalis – From the Greek and means snowy milk flower.  There is a story that when Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden snow was falling.  An angel took pity on them both, so cold and unhappy, and told them that spring would soon come and as a sign the angel touched the snowflakes and they turned into snowdrops. A delicate but tough flower bringing promise.

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