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Hello? is there anyone there?

Well, this little corner of the internet thingie has been a bit quiet recently……..Only the Wednesday Word (of a botanical nature) appearing regularly – and that’s only because it can be scheduled in advance.

I do have reasons, and they are big reasons; reasons involving a new life in the family and a death in the family and both happening within days of each other. Strange how things coincide sometimes…….  This has meant, what with being away on holiday for a while too, I have not been home much to sit quietly and draw.

Things are settling down now and I have been able to pick up my pencils again.  I bought more pencils in America (but that’s it! I am stopping now, I have enough pencils already!) and have had a lovely afternoon sorting them all out and making new colour swatches.

New Pencils ready for sorting

New Pencils ready for sorting

And I have been able to finally finish the drawing of the Callicarpa that I started way back in October.

Callicarpa - drawing by Sue Hagley

I’m happy with the way it turned out.

I am looking forward to the new year, as I have signed up for two drawing classes a week! One is a life drawing class and one is a coloured pencil class (with Janie Pirie a well know botanical coloured pencil artist) so I am going to be very busy, and I guess I will be learning loads.

On the back of that, I have another intention (inspired by a friend who may also be taking up this practice), which is to do a drawing every single day next year – that’s 365 drawings, and so that I don’t clog up your inboxes with in influx of posts I have set up a Tumblr. account where I will post my daily offering.  Watch this space, I feel scared just thinking about it…………..